Malaysian Automotive Entrepreneur Redefines Motorsport

A go-getter driven into the entrepreneurial side of the automotive world, Shahzan Shah is just getting revved up.

London, United Kingdom, August 15, 2018 /GlobalPRNews/ -- Sparts Auto initially sparked off as a dream business for a Malaysian teenager who went through a challenge of scouting for components for his newly purchased Toyota AE86. Coming fully equipped with everything but a car engine, Shahzan Shah made his first step venturing into the adventure of seeking out for car parts, which eventually led him into keeping abreast with automotive news through the likes of the automotive community. He eventually gained inquiries to assist others in in hunting down suitable car components in Australia.

Having studied in Australia, Japan, Serbia and Singapore, the founder of Sparts Auto had always been fueled by his love for the automotive world since a young age. From selling car parts to manufacturing his own car, Shahzan has already been hitting his bucket list from day one, but he never thought of making his hobby into a revenue.

Prior to the establishment of Sparts Auto in 2015, Shahzan had been keeping himself busy in various other industries. From one country to another, he had ventured to Malaysia, Indonesia, Albania, Montenegro, Australia and Singapore; playing his part in several different fields such as mining, hospitality, and shipyard.

Over the period, he had also experienced the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. After establishing multiple startup businesses with over 20 different companies in seven different countries, Shahzan picked up the parts and parcels of being an entrepreneur. On top of that, Shahzan had also mentored several other businesses at the same time.

After his last job of sourcing parts for ship manufacturing, Shahzan finally decided to venture professionally into the automotive industry. Sparts Auto is currently operating in both the United Kingdom as well as his home country. As an established company, Sparts Auto is not only recognised for selling authentic high performance car parts but also sponsored a number of Motorsport teams in Malaysia and assisting global race teams in finding sponsors, support in advertising as well as finding the most suitable relocation areas.

Shahzan’s three core businesses:
1. Sparts Auto ( )
A B2B platform supplying authentic car parts that also operates as an official agency specialising in digital media, race team sponsorships, and a strategic investment partner. Sparts Auto caters to all, from the Formula 1 all the way to your average, everyday consumer.

By collaborating together with race teams to bring them forward through digital marketing, Sparts Auto goes all the way in an effort of establishing recognition for the teams in the industry. The company continues to grow over 25,000 organic followers on various social media platforms.

2. Motorsport ( )
Be it a car garage or a workshop, Motorsport is the go to platform where all commercial properties relevant to the automotive purposes are advertised.

3. Performance Nuts ( )
A community driven, B2B e-commerce retail website. Performance Nuts thrives on educating and motivating the automotive community, specifically new car enthusiasts who are keen in understanding more about performance modification through DIY friendly and result oriented tips and tricks spread across the platform.

More to come:
1. Manufacturing Track Cars
Alongside a partnership with a highly versed car designer with experiences in manufacturing and reselling cars, the duo will be developing a range of new future enhanced track day cars. The first phase will be solely focused on traditional engines. However, plans of incorporating hybrid and electric versions of the track day car are currently in talks.

2. Film and Television
After being inspired to create his own TV series and film revolving the automobile industry, Shahzan is coming up with a division and is on the lookout for prospective funders.

Written by Nadrah Ahmad Kamal
Instagram: @nadrahly