Content Quality Guidelines


  • Headline should be kept under 80 characters, using active verb and subject
  • Headline should accurately present press release’s content
  • Headline must be newsworthy (important, recent & impactful to be announced)
  • Headline must not contain special characters and symbols such as ™ or ©


  • Summary should clearly describe press release’s content
  • Your summary should be one to two sentences long
  • Please do not use first paragraph as summary paragraph


  • Content should have a legitimate news angle (announcing something new and/or timely)
  • Content should maintain an impartial tone throughout the press release
  • Content should contain no question(s)
  • Content should contain no grammatical and spelling errors
  • Content should contain no SPAM related words that will be filtered out by spam filters
  • Content should not look like an advertisement or a sales letter

Press Release Dos & Don’ts

  • Keep word count between 500 to 800 words
  • Adopt objective writing
  • Submit image in common format of jpg, png or gif
  • Keep image width maximum at 800px
  • Keep image size below 200KB
  • Only include a quote that someone have actually said
  • Include available contact information when possible
  • Include the city from where the release originates, usually the location of the company’s headquarter
  • Ensure links are formatted correctly & limited to 1 per 200 words
  • Ensure press release is properly formatted e.g. do not double space unnecessarily, use appropriate punctuation and symbols, use uppercase and lowercase lettering appropriately, etc.
  • Make sure each paragraph is spaced out with a line
  • Never submit duplicated content
  • Avoid using first person point of view
  • Avoid writing that reads like an article without any news value
  • Avoid writing pure opinion
  • Avoid writing that relates to lawsuits and contain negative connotations
  • Avoid writing about content that generally carry no or minimal news value (e.g. updating blogs)
  • Do not include references or links to sexually explicit material, illegal material or profane language
  • Do not place email addresses within the body of the press release
  • Do not insert JavaScript or other markup languages in your press release, such as <strong>…</strong> or <em>…</em>. ONLY links eg. <a href=”URL”>…</a> are acceptable

Banned Topics

GlobalPRNews does not accept press release containing or promoting:

  • illegal content
  • online gambling, betting, and quick money scheme
  • supplement, alternative treatments, and weight loss
  • drugs of any categories or of any form
  • mortgage, cash or loan services of any form
  • escort service, sexual enhancement products or supplements
  • weaponry, firearms or armory
  • Body modification procedures
  • radical political opinion or view
  • radical religious opinion or view
  • unauthorized stock ticker symbols
  • action that may be related to infringement of rights or intellectual property (e.g. illegal device unlocking, rooting or jail-breaking of devices, pirated software etc.)
  • excessive advertorial promotions including affiliate product reviews, product reviews or trials
  • regarding government related or government serving units or bodies
  • harm or defame intent against any person or entity

* Disclaimer: Under any circumstances, the GlobalPRNews team reserves the right at all times and without previous notification to approve, disapprove, or remove parts or all the published/submitted documents as long as it is deemed inappropriate to be published. Any decision made by the GlobalPRNews team shall be deemed FINAL. Please note that GlobalPR News will not enter into correspondence concerning any decisions made.